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1. CAN I SEND A SOLDIER CARE PACKAGE WITHOUT A SOLDIER ADDRESS? Yes! Select the items you wish to send, then, during the check out process, use the two "comments" boxes. Simply type in "send to a soldier". You can also specify which branch of the service you prefer. We try and select marines or army soldiers serving in remote outposts in Afganistan. 2. CAN I WRITE A MESSAGE TO A SOLDIER? Yes! after you have built your order, proceed to check out. During check out you will find two "comments" boxes. use one or both to type a message to your soldier. This message will be part of your packing slip and enclosed with your order. 3. WILL MY ORDER ARRIVE IN GOOD CONDITION? Yes! Any liquid or scented products are sealed separately in sealed plastic bags to prevent leakage or odor transfer to any food products.All orders ship in stout USPS flat rate cardboard boxes. 4. WILL I HEAR FROM MY SOLDIER? We hope so! Along with your packing slip, which includes all your log-in info and your email address we also include a single fold blank note card and envelope at no charge. We hand address this envelope to your address. 5. CAN I SELECT A SOLDIERS ADDRESS MYSELF? Yes! Simply click on the following link, then click on "where to send" and you can choose a soldier from a wide variety of choices. You can also read posts from these troops. Use the easy to follow directions and your soldiers address will be emailed to you. Enter that complete address in one of our two comments boxes during check out.

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